International Partnerships & Services


E-PAC work closely with our Far East & USA International Agents / partners. 

In Addition to providing an effective Warehouse & E-commerce Fulfilment Operation, we also work with our clients in helping those with their supplier communication, Stock coordination, consolidation, documentation and shipping.

The benefits our clients receive are –

  • Overall Transparency                                
  • Complete visibility 
  • Coordinated under one roof 
  • key managed with one point of Communication
  • International depts focusing on your stock logistics 
  • Complete doc’s and shipping process
  • UK arrival ship line and customs processing 
  • UK LCL / FCL (Low container load and Full container Load) Haulage service
  • Direct to E-PAC warehouse service for efficient lead time turnaround and stock allocation (both for systems update and dispatch order’s)  

International services – 

  • Covering trade lanes for Export, Import and Cross Trades – Far East – USA – UK
  • Direct Consolidation and FCL routing services into and out of China (Shenzhen, Ningbo Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Tianjin and Dalian) also USA (NewYork, Louisiana, Texas) providing faster and more manageable logistics services.
  • Structured and flexible direct shipping line partnerships, with consistent cost saving exercises to meet the needs of our clients, whether High or low volume freight, we achieve the best possible cost solutions for you 
  • International Warehouse and Distribution facilities, providing Consolidation, Container De-Van/RH&D, Storage, Pick & Pack, Rework, direct communication and distribution, Warehouse Management and Reverse Logistics solutions.
  • Customs pre-entry and clearance procedures for import and export cargo, documentation and marine insurance carried out upon each request.
  • Transparent shipping schedules, track & trace facilities, Supply order management for ease of simple freight booking and updates.
  • Major container haulage supply chain operation, direct consignee scheduling, meeting time sensitive and specialized haulage requirements.
  • Vessel space and tight departure requests are never an issue with our flexibility to change upon the client’s needs. We manage the process effectively from our consignor to departure, pro-actively keeping you updated.

Lead time efficiencies are important to all Manufacturers and Shippers, because every industry works to them and constantly have a need to develop in order to improve on them, meeting their client’s needs.

How can we improve Global supply chain communication transparently, thus improve your Supply Chain management effectively?

Partnerships that provide innovative, dynamic and pro-active infrastructures will always meet the ever-increasing demand within any supply chain management. Developing transparent Logistics to suit your business is bespoke to you, but a key factor in enabling us to provide flexible and manageable structured schedules, allowing our customers to pre-plan their lead times for delivery.

We can manage the full logistical & Order Fulfilment process from door to door, keeping you updated, visually, transparently every step of the way from origin order purchase through to delivery. As a company, we have the infrastructure and believe this process is for us to help you manage your product logistics more efficiently, onward effectively increasing partnership relations between you and your clients, essentially helping you to focus on business growth.