Re-work and Finishing Assembly Fulfilment

E-PAC provides a General or bespoke Re-work and Finishing Assembly Service.

General Re-work Services – 

Our Team have built a solid reputation for providing quick and effective re-work solutions, whether this be a last min or pre-planned project, we excel in accomplishing each task set with care and attention, finishing each project how you require. Because we have completed many re-work projects, Our experienced team Listen carefully to your needs and help advise of alternative and efficient re-working directions, thus providing you with Not Just One Option. 

In 2019 E-PAC re-worked over 250,000 products and completed all to the professional standard we promote and are known for. By completing these projects / tasks, has essentially helped our clients by not focusing soley on the issue at hand and only moving forward to focus on the sales they intend for those products. We are a solutions company and focus on your needs, so we understand when products need to be re-worked last min, quickly, flexibly or specifically in any way, that in order for you to achieve your goals. 

Re-work services provided – 

  • Pallet, carton, package – splitting down / breakdown / separating of items
  • Good and bad product QC MGT / product sorting / batching 
  • Re-labelling / re-packing (Items, inner and out packing) / Re-bagging 
  • Stuffing / kimballing / Tagging / Heat & Vacuum sealing / Pining 
  • Bar coding / Garment hanging and packing 
  • Re-brand of products / retail re-work services 

Bespoke Re-work and Finishing assembly Services – 

A common request asked of our team is to provide a specific packing / Re-work structure that helps brand, re-brand, re-label or re-pack products in specific ways. E-PAC’s operation will always set aside time to spend with our clients in order to discuss, implement, train into and mould our team to perform those specific needs. Essentially, we at E-PAC adapt to provide or clients with a finished, labelled, packed product in your vision for dispatch each time. 

By E-PAC providing an established Finishing assembly & Re-work Operation, plays a vital part in our clients Outsourced Fulfilment requirements, why? Because logistically and efficiently we are able to accomplish the full B2B/B2C Order Fulfilment, re-work and finishing assembly service in house and without additional movement costs. 

Please see here bespoke re-work / finishing assembly services – 

  • Bespoke Labelling / Bespoke bagging / bespoke inner and outer packing 
  • Bespoke tagging / silo stuffing (your silo positioned) / bespoke bulk pre-pack
  • Bespoke stamping / bespoke printing / product gluing 
  • Parts replacement / product assembly / sourcing components